Annoying Bugs

I swear, they just keep happening.

Anyway, there’s a bug in Crimson Rafflesia Demo 0.5 which freeze the game at the car scene. To remedy it, try this link instead ( Thanks and sorry for the trouble!


Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate – Demo 2.02 Walkthrough

Play the demo here


– Wake the cook up, then talk to Vincent, who will be awake.
– Talk to each of Gabriel, Lorenzo and Vincent at least once.
– Speak to Vincent, and follow him to Lord Lapurett’s room.
– Speak to the butler.
– Go and talk to Irene again.
– Go to the rooms north.
– Go to the kitchens to bring out breakfast.
– Go to the Back Gardens and speak to Gabriel
– Speak to Irene in the Female Servants’ Room.
– Go to the Male Servants’ Room and speak to Ray.
– Go to the backyard and speak to Gabriel.
– Speak to Ray again, and try to go to the backyard from the back door.
– Bring Simon and Valoria to the Guest Room.
– Go to the kitchen and get Simon some tea. Return to him with the tea.
– Speak to Valoria.
– Go to her room.
– Go to Alben Lapurett’s room.
– Escape from the guards.
– Speak to Irene in the tent.
– Keep going North into the forest.
– You will be facing battles. Remember to keep eating food so that you won’t lose too much health.
– After the cutscene, follow “Cole” and talk to him. Pick either option.
– Talk to Simon in the Guest Room, go back to your room to pick up your coins
– Talk to Gabriel, and then speak to Janelle.
– Leave the castle, explore around.
– Go South and speak to the girl in the tent.
– Go South again, and to the Boat Dock, and speak to Miho.
– Keep going South to the cave at the bottom, and keep exploring until you reach a locked door. The password is “FINALE”.
– Keep exploring until Valoria, Simon and Janelle split up. Keep going forwards until you find the golden rod and meet Tom.
– After the cutscene, bring the golden rod back to the strange girl in the tent.
– Go to the Tavern in Sydea, and speak to the strange bandits. You will find the group responsible for the mess.
– Return the golden rod to the girl, for real this time.
– Speak to Simon and Janelle outside the tent.
– Go back to Miho, and give him the planks.
That’s all for the second demo!

Crimson Rafflesia Girl’s Sprite + Choire Concept (Crescendo)

Lolis ahead! Some minor Crimson Rafflesia and Crescendo of Time updates.

Here’s the sprite image of a nameless young girl from Crimson Rafflesia:

And monochrome concept art of Choire Sorain, a young girl from Crescendo of Time:

For faster art-related updates, please click here.

Crescendo of Time Concept Art Updates

Finished a bunch of coloured sketches of some Crescendo of Time girls.

Saiyo Millstone, the Lady Politician. 

Azura Ludolin, village immigrant.

Rie Chancer, our protagonist’s benefactor, and Ren’s loli little sister.

And here’s another CG graphic, featuring a younger, fourteen-year-old Azura Ludolin:

On the writing side, progress is going well – 10,000 words so far, on a Microsoft Word Document.