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Crimson Rafflesia Preliminary Demo (Version 0.5) Available For Download!

It’s here – only demo 0.5, which cuts pretty early, but I thought it’s the only way I can release something before Christmas, heh, since some wondered if something could be released in December. I’ll release a Demo 1.0 later which cuts at a more appropriate and less… cliffhangery point. I promise. Once I’m done with all the art and programming for that. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!


Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. 


  • 7 CGs  (40+ including variations – yes, I know.)
  • Music and background images shamelessly begged and taken from random sources — yes, I know.
  • People monologuing at lot–
  • Which leads to 8,000+ words–
  • I’m sorry. 😛
  • I’ll release a longer, better version that doesn’t cut at such a ridiculous place next time. That’s why this is still demo 0.5.

Just for fun, in the actual Demo 1.0 I plan to open a (joke) bonus room where some of the characters can answer questions posted by players. :) You can also ask me about what the heck is going on in my stupid bored mind when I thought up of this nonsense, so send me any questions (preferably at instead of as a comment), and they might be included in the game!


As of 20th of December, 2012:

Replaced the download with a smaller-sized, more attractive download. Only changes are the car background, and the game size.

Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate Demo 2.03 Updated!

Download Demo 2.03 HERE!

This demo does not include any new content beyond Demo 2.00, but fixes many major bugs such as:

  • You can now access the inventory, equipment etc. menu and save accordingly without breaking the game.
  • Your game no longer crashes due to “coles-gate.mp3” not being found.
  • Your game no longer crashes due to missing files.
  • Demo Ending screen appears at the appropriate moment, instead of having the game loop non-stop.

Download Demo 2.03 HERE!

Major Bugfix for Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate Demo 2.01

Hi everyone,

I just retested the game and realized that there is a major bug – you can’t open your inventory in the latest demo. To fix it, please install this patch by following these instructions:


2) Extract Game.rgssad from the patch folder.
3) Replace the Game.rgssad file from your game folder with the new Game.rgssad

Again, I am sorry for the problems caused. If you run into any more bugs, please do contact me at so that I can fix it as soon as possible. Thank you so much, and enjoy your game!

EDIT-b: Replaced the link. The old one leads to an old patch which doesn’t work. 

EDIT-c: Replaced link with 2.02-c. 

EDIT-d: Hopefully the final patch. Replaced link with 2.02-d. This will hopefully get rid of all missing file errors. 

Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate [Demo Version 2.01]

Demo 2.00 had a gigantic bug where you would be able to finish the game and get the planks for Miho of Sharlon without completing the quest involving the strange red-haired girl and the item first. Which means you’d have missed a huge chunk of quest and dialogue. The new version fixes that. Get it here:


(Here’s a snippet of the scene which you’d have missed if you had fallen into the early bug. If you got this scene, it means that you managed to bypass that bug.)

Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate — Demo Version 2.00 Uploaded!

Grab your copy here:

New Features

  • More content!
  • Four modes of play – Story Mode, Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode
  • Mouse support
  • Some tweaks throughout the demo 1 content, including the introduction
  • More consistent levelling
  • Play as Simon, Janelle and Valoria
  • Meet the final main character
  • Meet a strange little girl, and a strange young man from across the seas
  • Some sprite changes
  • And more!

After playing, please do post your thoughts in the forums. Thank you!