Astral Transparency: Cole’s Gate – Demo 2.02 Walkthrough

Play the demo here


– Wake the cook up, then talk to Vincent, who will be awake.
– Talk to each of Gabriel, Lorenzo and Vincent at least once.
– Speak to Vincent, and follow him to Lord Lapurett’s room.
– Speak to the butler.
– Go and talk to Irene again.
– Go to the rooms north.
– Go to the kitchens to bring out breakfast.
– Go to the Back Gardens and speak to Gabriel
– Speak to Irene in the Female Servants’ Room.
– Go to the Male Servants’ Room and speak to Ray.
– Go to the backyard and speak to Gabriel.
– Speak to Ray again, and try to go to the backyard from the back door.
– Bring Simon and Valoria to the Guest Room.
– Go to the kitchen and get Simon some tea. Return to him with the tea.
– Speak to Valoria.
– Go to her room.
– Go to Alben Lapurett’s room.
– Escape from the guards.
– Speak to Irene in the tent.
– Keep going North into the forest.
– You will be facing battles. Remember to keep eating food so that you won’t lose too much health.
– After the cutscene, follow “Cole” and talk to him. Pick either option.
– Talk to Simon in the Guest Room, go back to your room to pick up your coins
– Talk to Gabriel, and then speak to Janelle.
– Leave the castle, explore around.
– Go South and speak to the girl in the tent.
– Go South again, and to the Boat Dock, and speak to Miho.
– Keep going South to the cave at the bottom, and keep exploring until you reach a locked door. The password is “FINALE”.
– Keep exploring until Valoria, Simon and Janelle split up. Keep going forwards until you find the golden rod and meet Tom.
– After the cutscene, bring the golden rod back to the strange girl in the tent.
– Go to the Tavern in Sydea, and speak to the strange bandits. You will find the group responsible for the mess.
– Return the golden rod to the girl, for real this time.
– Speak to Simon and Janelle outside the tent.
– Go back to Miho, and give him the planks.
That’s all for the second demo!

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