Crimson Rafflesia Girl’s Sprite + Choire Concept (Crescendo)

Lolis ahead! Some minor Crimson Rafflesia and Crescendo of Time updates.

Here’s the sprite image of a nameless young girl from Crimson Rafflesia:

And monochrome concept art of Choire Sorain, a young girl from Crescendo of Time:

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Crescendo of Time Concept Art Updates

Finished a bunch of coloured sketches of some Crescendo of Time girls.

Saiyo Millstone, the Lady Politician. 

Azura Ludolin, village immigrant.

Rie Chancer, our protagonist’s benefactor, and Ren’s loli little sister.

And here’s another CG graphic, featuring a younger, fourteen-year-old Azura Ludolin:

On the writing side, progress is going well – 10,000 words so far, on a Microsoft Word Document.