New Site

This will be the new site for updates on the games of Soyasushi Productions. You can visit the old site here, but there will no longer be anymore updates there.

Anyway, the first post here will be to update on the status of Crimson Rafflesia – a demo will be ready in some time, but I’m not sure when. The writing is all finished – it’s all just the art now. I am still recruiting sketch artists to at least make sure my poses drawn are anatomically correct, so please do drop me an email if you are interested!

Here’s some of the latest updates on Crimson Rafflesia:

Heath Perrison, a character from Crimson Rafflesia.

What I have so far of Sho (the main character)’s sprite.

They’re not much, but at least it shows that I am doing something. 🙂


3 comments on “New Site

  1. angelrenoir says:

    Hire me! XD

    Random PS: Is your name really Baili Kuoren? Or is that your official penname? 😛

    • Coren Baili says:

      Really? 😀 That’ll be awesome! How can I discuss details with you?
      And yep, penname.

      • angelrenoir says:

        I just realized I never replied to this D: But you already Noted me in DevArt so I guess it doesn’t matter XD

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